Optitex tutorial

Nesting Multiple Markers — Content. Moving a Dart Tip — Content. Advance Nesting Keys — Content. Learn How to Digitize — Content. Applying a Logo to a Paired Piece — Content.

Using 3D Folding

Optitex Installation Guide — Content. Managing Your Color Preferences — Content. Correcting the Scale of a DXF.

Optitex How-To Guides. Click here to view your dashboard. Nesting Multiple Markers — Content Learn about use the nesting que to run a large order of markers. Moving a Dart Tip — Content This will guide the user on how they can move and change the dart tip. Loading a Backup in PDS — Content See how to save your self time if you loose your file and need to rely on the automatic backup. Advance Nesting Keys — Content Learn about advance nesting keys. Learn How to Digitize — Content Step by step on how you can digitize a piece.

Applying a Logo to a Paired Piece — Content See how you can work with paired pieces and only place the logo or graphic on one of the sides.

How to Backup or Share Your Preferences — Content This will guide users through the steps of how to back up your setting and where they are stored on your machine. Optitex Installation Guide — Content This guide covers extensively all the steps of how to install Optitex software.

Managing Your Color Preferences — Content This will guide users through the steps of how to control and change your color preferences. Change all Your Notches at One Time — Content This will guide users through the steps of how to change all the properties for notches in your style at one time.You can use 3D folding when you want to create a fold for collars, lapels, flap of bag, etc.

Folding can be defined during the pattern creation but there are certain steps that effect simulation. The following describes the different options that are available for folding and how to use them correctly.

Fold Line: Pre-folds the cloth before simulation. This is used for positioning purposes. Once you click simulate, the fold disappears. You may need to move the internal line to the desired location in order to get the correct fold center. In the example below, a file was opened that was created in a previous version:. If you want to use the older folding methodology, leave the 3D fold as is.

If you want to use the new 3D folding methodology, do the following:. Select the Fold Line checkbox to clear it. Notice the dotted line disappeared:. Select the Fold Line checkbox again, to create a new fold line.

Change the Corner Radiu s, for example to 0. Notice the dotted line still does not appear. The dotted line was previously created according to the Corner Radius. The arrows on the line change according to the side and represent the steady piece, while the other piece is the moving piece. Right Left. In notice the Fold Angle appears as a positive number. For example, 0. Note : In previous versions The fold angle can be on the edge between two pieces or on an internal.Click here to access.

However, you can use dual-boot utilities, such as Boot-Camp, to run Windows on a Mac computer.

optitex tutorial

The following link details the EFI Optitex minimum system requirements: click here to access. I acknowledge that I can withdraw my consent at any time by sending an email to privacy efi.

I have read and agree to Privacy Statement and Terms of Use. Webinars 3D patterns and trims FAQ. WEBINARS By providing end-to-end digital solutions that connect teams, partners and suppliers we are able provide the flexibility, speed and accuracy you require to grow and fulfil your creative vision and business goals.

It all starts with the pattern. This is the blue print for the development to come. Watch the video and discover the importance of strong 2D foundations.

Editing Shaders

In this first webinar of the Wednesday Webinar Series, you will see how Optitex help brands, vendors and retailers design, develop and produce their garments. YKK Zippers. What are the minimum, recommended system requirements? What operating systems can EFI Optitex run on. In what languages is EFI Optitex software available. Want more tips and resources? Contact us to learn more. Fill your info and we will get back to you shortly. Tell us your interest:.

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optitex tutorial

Thank you for contacting us, we will be in touch soon.Facebook Twitter. Overview Optitex Optitex is the leading provider of integrated 2D CAD and 3D digital product solutions for the textile industry.

User Interface is more easier than all other Fashion Cad Software. Optitex Pattern Design Software offers intuitive and powerful software tools designed to work with patterns at every step of your production cycle. First we need to run run Optitex 11 Setup. After optiex 11 setup we appear, click on next button. Then click on next button. In next window, Give destination folder location or you can continue with default location also and then next. Tick on Full option and then next.

After done above process it will take few minutes to install in your system. After finish the process click on finish button to complete setup. Now we need to install nesting pack and sample pack. Follow the same steps as per mention in video to install of both.

Pls note that nesting pack and sample pack both are optional. Its not compulsory to install, Its will depend on your requirement. After that open optitex patch with run as administrator. Follow the step as per showing in video. After complete patch setup we need to run Emulator. Pls note that if your system 64 bit then you need to run X64 Emulator and If your system 32 bit then you need to select x32 Emulator. After complete emulator setup we need to change language of optitex.

Optitex How-To Guides

Go to start and click on all program and inside of optitex 11 folder ,need to open select language, after open window change Default to English. Now run PDS11 application from desktop. It will work perfectly Can visit my youtube channel by clicking below link. OptiTex Tags Optitex. You might like Show more. Previous Post Next Post. Contact Form. LinkList ul li ul'. Tabify by Templateify v1.Scanvec Garment Systems. License grant and termination.

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OptiTex is your complete software solution for computerized pattern design, grading and marker making. It was created specifically for the manufacturer of the apparel, transportation interiors, upholstery and sewn products industries. OptiTexs powerful CAD tools enable you to draft pattern scratch or modify existing pattern quickly and accurately.

With OptiTexs digitizing function, your pattern appears on your computer screen as you digitize. If you make a mistake, simply erase it with the click of a button. The OptiTex digitizing system is designed to work the way you want to work. You can enter piece perimeters first, then enter notches, internals and other piece information later. Its quick, easy and compatible with industry standard digitizers.

Once your patters have been created and entered, OptiTex provides a multitude of interactive editing tools. The most commonly used design and editing tools are represented as icons in the OptiTex toolbar so you can access commands with the click of a mouse; theres no need to navigate through a series of pull down menus. Add or remove different types of notches, create darts, add seam allowances pleats and buttons and view everything on screen as you are working.

Add, move or delete points of a pattern, or move entire section of a pattern to quickly lengthen or shorten pieces. And obtaining measurement has never been easier. Whether youre measuring vertically, horizontally, diagonally or between pattern pieces, OptiTexs measuring tool is as easy to use your own tape measure. OptiTex Makes grading pattern pieces quick, simple and automatic is just as interactive as the editing process.

Grade any pattern, point by point or globally according to previously stored rules.Siemens Lms Imagine. Oct 16 He further adds that the new version allows fashion businesses to make more decisions while still in the digital environment, fueling creativity and saving time and cost, for a true competitive edge. The new version streamlines multiple aspects of 2D pattern design, and introduces breakthrough innovations and improvements in 3D simulation.

Users can achieve a more life-look for their digital designs. A faster intuitive workflow saves time from the first stitch on the screen to the final 3D digital sample. Also, users can make changes in 2D design and instantly see the results in 3D, without refreshing the screen. Other enhancements in the version includes, animations, ready-to-use avatars, trimming elements and a new sleek look.

Optitex enables apparel brands to revolutionize the way they develop, produce and market fashion. With a full-service solution backed by industry-leading know-how, unparalleled creativity, and constant innovation, Optitex keeps its customers at the forefront of technology. This enables them to significantly reduce their costs and time to market, and increase their competitive edge. Name: Optitex Version: 32bit To Unzip the files use 7zip or WinRar. You must be logged in to post a comment. Powered by WordPress and the Graphene Theme.

We use only Trusted Source. Home Contact Us! Categories: Applications. Optitex v About Optitex Optitex enables apparel brands to revolutionize the way they develop, produce and market fashion.

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optitex tutorial

Note: Do not Buy Premium account from Reseller. Premium Account For You! Return to top.Welcome to the OptiTex community. You are now participating in an important part of OptiTex implementation — Training! OptiTex software and training will provide you with the tools and techniques to use the most advanced 2D pattern to 3D modeling technology.

You will improve your productivity, accuracy and communication in your design and production work flow. Summary of Implementation:. Practice and Integration of software. File management and library creation — Patterns, Markers. Best Practices— Support and internal procedures and policies.

Included with your training:. Onsite hands-on instruction. Industry experienced instructor. Online references - help. OptiTex ongoing support and follow-up. Student responsibilities:. Participate fully in all classes. Practice between each class.

Integrate into daily workflow. Ask questions! Summary of Lessons. Intro to Windows. Basic Lesson 1.


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