Doosan loader fault codes

Quick Links. Service Manual. Table of Contents. Page 3: Important Safety Information If a tool, procedure, work method or operating technique not specifically recommended by DOOSAN is used, you must satisfy yourself that it is safe for you and others. You should also ensure that the product will not be damaged or made unsafe by the operation, lubrication, maintenance or repair procedures you choose.

Page 7 Electronic Throttle Body Page 8 Appendix Acceleration Page 9: Chapter 1. General Information Chapter 1. Sealant For prevention of wrong installation or reassembly and for ease of operation, put mating marks to the parts where no function is adversely affected.

Special Tool Use specified brand of sealant. Page Electrical System Replacement Part Genuine Part When oil seal, O-ring, packing and gasket have When the part is to be replaced, be sure to use been removed, be sure to replace them with new genuine part. For selection of appropriate parts, refer to the Parts However, rocker cover gasket may be reused if it is Catalog.

To prevent this, observe the following precautions and explain them to your customer. Use only unleaded gasoline. Page Chapter 2. Recommended Maintenance Chapter 2. The operator should, however, develop a customized maintenance schedule using the requirements listed in this section and any other requirements listed by the engine manufacturer. The following lubricants should be selected for all engines to enhance excellent performance and maximum effect.

In addition, used engine oil contains potentially harmful contaminants which may cause skin cancer. Page Checking Compressed Pressure 3. Refill with engine oil filter. At this time, necessarily screen the spark plug hole with a rag.

Page Checking Coolant Leaks Checking coolant leaks 1. Check that the coolant level reaches filler neck. Install the radiator cap tester to the radiator filler neck and apply a pressure of 1. While maintaining it for 2 minutes, check the radiator, hose, and connecting part for leak.

doosan wheel loader fault codes

CAUTION If the belt tension is too excessive, noise as well as early wear of belt occurs and the water pump bearing and alternator bearing are damaged. If the belt is too loose, due to early wear of belt and insufficient power of alternator, battery and water pump become inefficient and finally Check the spark plug as below.

Page 27 Spark Plugs 5. Install the spark plug and tighten it to the specified torque. Take care not to over tighten it to prevent cylinder head threads from damage. Page Fuel System Maintenance 8. Re-assemble the filter assembly aligning the Fuel System Maintenance scribe lines on the top and bottom covers.

Install the cover retaining screws, tightening the screws in an opposite sequence across the cover.

doosan loader fault codes

Park the lift truck in an authorized refueling area with the forks lowered, parking brake applied and the B housing for coolant leaks. Use of non-compliant LPG fuel may require more frequent service intervals and will disqualify the user from warranty claims.News and Media. At Doosan Portable Power, we are focused on making you successful! Learn about all the ways in which we can power your productivity!

The Technical Support and Training team shares troubleshooting tips for a common air compressor issue, along with helpful hints for proactive troubleshooting with this service call scenario. This scenario is a compilation of calls and is not intended to reflect an actual situation or identify real people. Jim is a service technician at XYZ Rentals. He is working on a Doosan XP air compressor that is building pressure during startup and bogging down the engine. Unable to diagnose the issue on his own, Jim calls the Doosan Dealer Technical Support and Training hotline — — for assistance.

Jim provides the model year, model name and serial number listed on the aluminum plate near the controls of the air compressor.

He also reads off the hour meter located on the control panel. The machine is not displaying any error codes on the controller screen so Jim is asked a few questions to help identify the issue. The Air Inlet Unloader Valve is located on top of the airend. The Unloader Valve throttles the air into the airend. The Service Port is open to the displacement compensation chamber of the Unloader Valve diaphragm. If the diaphragm is perforated, regulated air will pass through the Service Port.

Air blowing from the Service Port during operation indicates a damaged or worn diaphragm. Jim checks the Service Port and does feel air blowing from the area. He must replace the part and uses the Online Parts Book to identify and order the correct part number for the XP air compressor.

doosan loader fault codes

Once the part has been received, Jim should consult the Doosan air compressor manual for the proper replacement instructions of the Unloader diaphragm along with specific bolt torque specifications.

Helpful Hints for Proactive Troubleshooting Manufacturer knows best Who knows a machine better than the manufacturer?

So when an issue occurs, first consult the Operations and Maintenance Manual, Parts Manual and Electronic Service Manual for troubleshooting information. Manuals can be accessed using Techpubs and parts can be identified through the Online Parts Book.

The machine serial code is needed to find the correct manuals.

doosan loader fault codes

The serial code is the last three characters of the full serial number shown on the machine data plate. Proactive training Doosan Basic Compressor Service instructor-led training covers this topic of troubleshooting and replacement along with other common air compressor issues in detail. If Jim has attended training, he could have saved time diagnosing the machine issue, resulting in quicker resolution and faster return to the customer or the rental fleet.

Cat® Regeneration System Removes Soot from DPF - Tier 4 Interim

Utility Mount Airends Drill Modules. Aftermarket Warranty Parts Reman.Indicates the end of one pass through the list faults. Open circuit gasoline injector 1, wire broken injector or defective 1 injector.

DOOSAN WHEEL LOADERS DL250-3 10001 AND UP Service Manual

Switched B to pin B 12 injector 1. Open circuit gasoline injector 2, wire broken injector or defective 2 injector. Switched B to pin B 12 injector 2. Check injector resistance 2, ohm cold. Open circuit gasoline injector 3, wire broken injector silt 3 and defective injector.

Switched B to pin 12 B injector 3. Open circuit gasoline injector 4, wire broken injector or defective 4 injector. Switched B to pin 12 B injector 4. Refrigerant sensor failure or closed on GND. Signal B15 Blvd.

B1 1 to Blvd. Refrigerant sensor disconnected or open circuit. Check if the sensor connector disconnected or for open circuit SECM. Engine coolant temperature is high Sensor. Check the refrigerant system by locking the radiator for proper refrigerant level and for leaks in the system. Signal Bl. Bl B1. Blvd A16, B Engine coolant temperature does not change as expected. Signal conflict fuel selection ok install if both of the signals fuel selection closed to the ground.

Check connection fuel selection switch is, whether short to gnd.

Doosan Loader Fault Codes

Check CAM sensor connections. B10 to Blvd. No signal crankshaft when engine is known, rotates broken, crankshaft sensor leads or defective crankshaft sensor.

Check sensor connections crankshaft. Loss of sync on crankshaft sensor, usually due to noise on signal or discontinuous connection on the sensor crankshaft. Check sensor connectionscrankshaft. To Bul. Check sensor connections crankshaft SECM.

Check sensor connectionscrankshaft SECM.Doosan wheel loaders meet the toughest requirements Wheel Loaders Doosan wheel loaders is a machine that delivers a powerful, highly effective force, offering superior penetration of the hardest materials Articulated Dump Trucks With the new generation of DOOSAN articulated dump trucks, the product features have been innovated to meet the tough demands of the future DISD Wheel Loaders Overview.

The work rate of the wheel loader is directly linked to the performance of its operator DOOSAN designed the DL by putting the operator at the centre of their development goals More space, better visibility, air conditioning, a very comfortable seat, sufficient storage space.

Doosan Infracore North America recently announced the availability of an optional guarding package for its DL wheel loader The series of guards protects various machine components while performing particularly demanding tasks, such as processing scrap or demolition work. Based on powerful arms and a quick response to maneuvers by operators, Doosan Infracore wheel loaders are well-suited for tough jobs High quality and durability mean that the wheel loaders can ensure high operating rates and profits for customers.Learn more about Scribd Membership Home.

Read free for days Sign In. Much more than documents. Discover everything Scribd has to offer, including books and audiobooks from major publishers. Start Free Trial Cancel anytime. Doosan Fault Codes List. Uploaded by Keron Trotz. Date uploaded Feb 08, Did you find this document useful? Is this content inappropriate? Report this Document. Flag for Inappropriate Content. Download Now. Related titles. Carousel Previous Carousel Next. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Hartono Exca. Paul Galwez.

Michael Davenport. Joao Silva. Stevie Maxwell. Anderson Salzano. Electromecanica Leon Electromecanica Leon Leon. Bambang Setyo Utomo. Segundo Francisco Jauregui Valencia. Antonio Carrion. Omar Diaz Segura.Doosan Loader Fault Codes. Available as a standard feature - on all new generation Doosan Stage IV compliant excavators from 14 twheel loaders and articulated dump trucks - the DoosanConnect Telematics System allows fleet managers to communicate with machines and compile a number of reports, including fleet status, machine details, operating hours, fuel usage, engine.

Doosan DL Wheel Loader. Professional work shop technicians use and trust this service manuals - now you can too!. Used excavator doosan DX The series of guards protects various machine components while performing particularly demanding tasks, such as processing scrap or demolition work.

The technology that makes a better life for society and man. Faults that appear in grey are included for future use but are not enabled. The serial code is the last three characters of the full serial number shown on the machine data plate. Free 2-day shipping. Max Turn mm diameter x mm long.

The perfect quality and durability guarantee the top operation rate.

doosan loader fault codes

No worries though! Volvo also offers a solution to this. I have retrieved the codes out of the machine by reading the flashes. Fortunately Doosan had a new cross slide in stock here in the states and we had the replacement the next day. Doosan wheel loaders are built with solid construction, heavy-duty components and extended service intervals.

Doosan codes Doosan codes. Since then, for more than 80 years, the company has been a technological. I replaced the unit now i have steering and hydraulics but no drive.

New machine updates. Construction projects: The Doosan DL and DLTC-5 tool carrier wheel loaders offer improvements in fuel efficiency, operator comfort, serviceability, reliability and remote monitoring with Doosan Telematics. Communication Error: CN Doosan Diagnostic Tool is for the diagnosis of electronic fuel injection diesel engines. This new wheel loader is part of the popular category of 3- to 4-cubic-yard wheel loaders. We will check for compability. The model's dimensions are 7.

This model features improved fuel efficiency from a new Smart Power Control SPC selectable engine mode and multiple product enhancements. Cat front end loaders set the standard for reliability, productivity, fuel efficiency, versatility and operator comfort.

Complete Distribution Network Doosan lift trucks are sold and serviced by 95 dealers at over locations in the U. Wheel loader operators can reverse the fan manually by pressing a switch inside the cab or set it to automatically reverse on the preset intervals at 30, 60, 90 or minutes, depending on work conditions.Having trouble using the Discussion Forums?

Contact us for help. Click here for more information. Update my browser now. Back to discussion list My forum profile Doosan B18T fault code F5 hi guys im having a bit of trouble with a doosan b1.

I replaced the unit now i have steering and hydraulics but no drive. Post a Reply Report this post. Showing items 1 - 15 of 22 results. Sort messages by: Newest first Oldest first. No error shown. I replaced the controller main board but nothing happens. What you suggest to do? Can you also send me please the Service Manual? Posted 15 Mar Reply by bdio Czech Republic. Can you help us fix this. TY in advance Did you get the copy ok? Hi there I have the same issue would you be able to send the manual it would be greatly appreciated : My email is fkngr8 rocketmail.

Hi I have the error F5 on B15T Could you send me the service manual please? Raytech, does your manual cover The Daewoo B18T-2? I have the F5 code as well. Yes just post your email


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